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Colaborative scenography

The rushing of tracks, 2023

The jazz band Ostrakinda develop a serie of collaborative concert with Banlieues Bleues festival. For the third one they invited me to create an environment with residents of Bobigny town.


In bed with la loire, 2022

How does a community build its belief and conciousness in regard with landcape ? During four months of residency in the old Redureau carpentry near Nantes, I worked with given materials in order to begin to answer that interrogation.


Collective exhibition

memories in the skin, 2023

Xavier C. brings together artists, researchers and practitioners from different fields in a working group that explores our relationship to memory and identity. Going against the theoretical field, it proposes a collaborative experimentation around the production of gestures and forms and their collective assimilation.


The hidden secret of the masters, 2021

The installation broadcasts a concrete music
symphony on speakers, addressed to a rock, while it is necessary to seize a curious earpiece to hear the story told of it. I use snippets of intimate memories to compose this first sound work: a parabolic text on pedagogy written at the Beaux-Arts de
Nantes in 2011, as well as objects gleaned and preserved. These are so many treasures
of a collection that I accumulate modestly, with time and the childish spirit that continues to animate me.

xavier cormier




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